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HOT NEWS: Zero Therapy ahead of research, for people to judge.

Current research says that they are likely to cure with stem cells with in body (news below, The New Indian Express dated 18 Mar 2010.) where as Our past news says that we have already cured using in body stem cells. Few lines from that news are reproduced here - "In stem cell therapy cells are taken out and used when required. The same cells are energised without removing it from the body in zero therapy, thus harmonizing the mind, body and soul( Click here to see that new clipping dated 16 Feb 2009).

They say “One day” and Zero Therapy has already done it with the proof like CLDP (Chronic Inflammatory Multifocal demylanating Motor Sensory Poly Nemopathy), Page 161 of the book “HOT & Cold” - Testimonial by the beneficiary. Like fracture set right without any operation by shear food, experience shared by beneficiary Navin Bhaia, Chennai, India, Page 81-90 of the book “HOT & COLD”.

The basis of Zero Therapy is being with the Nature and going against the nature causes disease. The news below(The New Indian Express dated 16 March 2010 ) confirms what Zero Therapy have been saying from a long time. Synthetic smell like perfumes, deordants etc... are all against the nature. Sandalwood, rose etc... are all allowed. Zero Therapy website was created on 5 January 2005. Zero Therapy was officially stablished in 2004. Videos of weekly Monday Sessions conducted by Zero Therapy, Vidoes of 3 Mega Seminars and Videos of Testimonials are available on this website.

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